Continuing Education Classes for Community Association Managers (CAM and CMCA)

Paul Davis Restoration of the Space coast partners with our property management professionals to bring interesting and valuable continuing education classes.  Below is a list of the classes that are available upon request.  We can conduct this class at your location, or you may attend any of our scheduled classes at our office.  We’ll even buy lunch!

If you are interested in booking a class, please call 321-294-9198.

Before the Disaster – 3 Hours

This course reviews the phases of disaster management; preparedness, response, mitigation and recovery.  We discuss the importance of devising an emergency action plan, both for personal use and professional. Handling communications, safety and survival until the disaster has passed.

After the Disaster – 3 Hours

Resources are offered for helping mitigate both the psychological and property damages that occur after a disaster. We discuss dealing with the types of claims effecting large exposures as well as residential claims. The steps to be taken before restoration can be begin and the documentation necessary are covered as well as pre-event paperwork and post-event responsibilities.

Claims – Policy and Practice – 3 Hours

Stay on-track in the claims environment – we detail the steps involved  from pre-claim activities such as coverage issues, dissemination of information, risk inspections, policy audit and reserves to the steps involved for driving a successful claim to closure.

Commercial Disaster Planning – 1 Hour

We review the phases of disaster management, emergency action plans and how to create an emergency preparedness plan. The course focuses on Property Damage, mitigation, and recovery.

Fire Damage Mitigation – 1 Hour

This course covers issues relating to fire and smoke losses, technical issues of the restoration process, and procedural expectations of restoration contractors. We review of the anatomy of fire and smoke as well as cleaning procedures and equipment overviews.

Fixing Bad – The Clean Up of Meth Labs – 3 Hours

The hazards of a meth lab to the community and what insurance carriers and property managers should be on the lookout for will be examined during this course.

Hoarding and Insurance Claims – 2 Hours

Understanding hoarding and its role in insurance claims. We define what hoarding is and discuss the various levels. We also go over coverage concerns and policy considerations and the types of losses that may occur and the issues the contractors will face.

How a Concrete Home is Built in Florida – 2 Hours

Because adjusters evaluate insurance claims, they need to know what is hidden behind the walls. This course teaches how concrete homes are built in Florida so shareholders can be sure estimates and repairs are created completely and fairly.

How the Water Source Affects the Claim – 1 Hour

We discuss the different sources, classes and categories of water damage and explain how Applied Structural Drying and required documentation will affect claims and costs.

Inventory and Evaluation for Property Losses – 3 hours

Explore common assumptions concerning property owner’s insurance coverage, including inventory of contents and how to prove initial pre-loss condition. Learn how contents are restored, including the equipment and cleaning methods used to meet industry standards.

Mold and Water Claims – 3 Hours

Six basics are covered; analyzing a water claim, the life cycle of water claims, steps necessary for keeping water claims from becoming mold claims, general information concerning mold claims, documentation required to prove mold claims, and what is required to close a mold claim.

Odor Mitigation – 1 Hour

Why is odor mitigation important? Most restorations are ultimately judged by the level of residual odor. Even the best restoration efforts are deemed unacceptable if there is the slightest trace of smoke and odor. Learn the most common odors and the most effective methods of deodorization.

Smoke and Odor Damage Mitigation – 3 Hours

What are the most common types of fire, smoke and odor damage associated with insurance losses? We review the anatomy of fire and smoke, cleaning process and equipment used, and odor mitigation.

Smoke Damage and Odor Mitigation – 1 Hour

A condensed class covers the different types of fire, smoke and odor damage.

Trauma Recovery Services – 2 Hours

What traumas require specialized recovery service? What are the safety concerns and industry standard processes when dealing with trauma and biological clean-up methods? We feature proper use and disposal of PPE.

Wind Damage Mitigation – 1 Hour

Understand the options for Pre-Damage and Post Damage mitigation resulting from wind damage. We also address roof strength, roof coverage performance, roof-to-wall strength, wall-to-floor-to-foundation strength, opening protection and window, door, and skylight strength.

Check our schedule to see what classes are currently being offered at our offices.  If you’d like to book a private class call 321-294-9198.