Removing Damage from Floods in Grant, FL

In FL, seasonal rains and storms can cause flooding. That said, flood damage can also start with problems such as faulty pipes and malfunctioning appliances. Unlike common water damage, floods occupy entire rooms in your home or business. Thankfully, Paul Davis pros are well versed in removing this devastating damage. To guarantee your wellbeing and comfort, we provide all-day flood damage remediation to our customers near Grant, FL. To improve the deal, we can also help you with the insurance filing process.

How We Eliminate Damage

First, we arrive at your house to perform a damage evaluation. We let you know the intensity of the damage, how much it may cost and how long the work may take. With our extensive experience in flash flood damage repair in Grant, we are fit to give the best quote.

Standing Water Removal

Once you consent to the quote, our team can start draining flood water from your property. We work with specialized pumps to eliminate as much flood water as possible. Removing standing water lowers the chances of growing mold later. With the help of moisture detectors, we pinpoint hidden moisture in drywall and beneath the floors.

Cleaning the Air

Your rooms may not be completely prepared, even after removing plenty of water. We might have to take out tiles or carpet to clean any extra damage to the subfloor. We aid in the aeration steps with strong fans and dehumidifiers. To prevent hazardous mold growth, our staff will follow established guidelines.

Cleaning the Affected Area

When a flash flood strikes your home or business, a sour smell can stick inside. Without professional help, you could be stuck with this odor on draperies and fabrics and all over your property.

Infrastructure Fixes

Whether flooding came from artificial or natural sources, flood damage can cripple your home or business with water stains, peeling paint and rusty metal. This could leave you frustrated with the amount of restoration that needs to be done. The professionals from Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling of the Space Coast have a team trained in treatment techniques needed to remove flood damage indoors and outside.

Learn More Today

The Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling of the Space Coast team is prepared to treat flood damage any time you need it. Our experts go above and beyond to remedy property damage of all types. We understand that living with flood damage is hard, so we also assist in filing insurance claims. Book a quote today to get started.