Recovering from Floods for Scottsmoor, FL

In FL, heavy thunderstorms can cause flash floods. That said, flood damage can also also come from problems such as faulty pipes and malfunctioning appliances. Flash flood damage is worse than common water damage, overtaking whole floors or buildings. Fortunately, Paul Davis pros are well versed in eliminating this devastating damage. This is why we provide around the clock cleanup for flood damage in properties around the Scottsmoor, FL area. To improve our service, we also help you with the claims process.

How We Clean Damage

First, we reach on the scene promptly to conduct an evaluation of the damage. You’ll get an estimate on the work that needs to be started prior to beginning any treatment work. We will provide the closest quote because our staff near Scottsmoor, FL have been trained in flood damage restoration.

Draining the Area

We quickly begin draining standing flood water from your space once you consent to our price quote. To remove all the flood we can, the Paul Davis staff uses water pumps. Cleaning up standing water lowers the chances of growing mold in the future. We target moisture using high tech moisture detectors behind your walls.

Cleaning the Air

Although we pump out the obvious flood water, our work isn’t over. We may need to replace your carpets to clean any extra damage to the subfloor. The Paul Davis specialists expedite the drying steps by using air blowers and dehumidifiers. To avoid dangerous mold growth, our staff will work carefully.

Cleaning Your Property

Even when flood water and debris are removed, the odor can linger in the air. Without proper treatment, you could be left with this odor on fabrics and throughout your home.

Infrastructure Fixes

Whether flooding was started from artificial or natural sources, flood damage can hurt your home or business with condensation, stripped wallpaper and warped doorways. This could leave you frustrated with all the restoration that needs to be done. The professionals from Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling of the Space Coast are experienced in restoration methods needed to reverse flood damage indoors and out.

Scottsmoor FL Restoration Professionals

The Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling of the Space Coast staff is available to treat flood damage any time you need it. With so many decades of experience, we are the leader in a number of repair methods. We understand that dealing with flood damage can be hard, so we also assist in the claims process. Book a quote now to begin recovery.